Tiling your home is an important process during a new home build or even as part of a major renovation project. As such, you need to take care when selecting the right kind of tile you want to use for surfacing the various areas of your home, such as the living room, outdoor areas and even your bathroom or veranda. This is not a decision that you can take on a whim: go through all of your requirements first to decide which type of tile is most appropriate for your use case.


If durability is your main concern, there shouldn’t be many problems when it comes to applying tiles. All of them are durable enough for residential use, so it doesn’t matter if you for porcelain, ceramic or even natural stone. In case you are really picky and need the very best out there in terms of durability, you should probably go for limestone or granite as they are the best in this particular area.

Usage Environment

Indoor tiles need not be as durable as those used for outdoor decoration, and that means you can go for pretty much any option out there if you need to tile the interior of your home. On the other hand, take a little more care when selecting outdoor tiles, seeing as they need to withstand much tougher conditions than anything you place indoors. Natural stones are inherently hard wearing, which makes them the best choice for outdoor applications. Take a look at the various offerings of the local tile retailers to make up your mind regarding which one is the most suitable for your own home.


The aesthetic appeal of tiles is an entirely personal thing, so you probably need to consider your own ideas instead of listening to others. Make sure to pick out a type of tile which works well with your current themes and colour palette, since not all materials can be as easily customized as ceramic or porcelain tiles. If you need something to really make an impact, consider visiting nearby travertine pavers as travertine tiles are a very popular addition to most kitchens and bathrooms all over Australia.


The amount of money you need to spend in order to complete paving may be a major factor in your tile selection, as you need everything to be under your total budget in order to complete the project in full. If you are looking at saving money, you probably need to avoid most natural stones and instead stick with ceramic tiles. But don’t worry about the looks too much: ceramic tiles are easily customizable, so you shouldn’t have many problems finding a tile which matches your personal tastes and chosen patterns.