Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure. Living in your very own home can be a liberating feeling. However most don’t know but there are some essentials that every home needs to have.

A tool kit

From screwdrivers to nails and hammers we never know when we’ll need these. It’s always good to have a good tool kit on hand. You can get a complete tool kit quite easily these days and they aren’t that expensive.


A home has to look good. Keep some art that you enjoy around the house. This will add visual interest and it will also make you feel good. These may be hung in your living room or they may be in your bedroom, but you’re doing this for you so get something that you truly enjoy.

A contact list

Whether it be your emergency contacts or the number of your trained carpet cleaners, keep all your contacts written down at one place so everyone will know where to find them.

Extra linen

Just in case a guest comes and decides to stay the night or if you heed to change your linen in an instant it’s always wise to have some around.

Matching things to eat out of

It can be quite embarrassing if you don’t have a matching dinner set or a set of wine glasses. You might not use this as often as you’d expect but it’s a nice and very important thing to have in the house.

Cleaning supplies

A broom, a mop, some fibber clothes are necessary. Bathroom cleaning solutions, tile and grout cleaning Adelaide supplies are essential because no one wants to go running to the grocery in a hurry.

Safety supplies

Whether it be a fire extinguisher or a first aid kit, the safety of your family should be your prime focus. In case of an emergency keep these in an easy to find place.

Cooking utensils

Pots and pans to cook in, a good knife, a basic casserole dish needs to be in your house. You might not like to cook but keep them because you’re an adult and you might feel like cooking one day. To add to this make sure to stock up your fridge and pantry with the essentials.Living in your own castle is a lot of work but the freedom and sense of stability it gives you cannot be measured. So take some time and effort in making your home truly comfortable place.