As a country with a high level of tourist attraction, Australia is focusing on providing better facilities to the guests as much as they can. There are several authorities who look in to the cleanliness of hotels, b&bs, homestays etc. for example, among other things. But why is it so important?

Objectives of travel

People travel for many reasons; it could be to have some fun, relax and enjoy with their families and loved ones. Among the strata of travelers from many countries, people who visit Australia are more in the “lush” section; in statistics published in analyzing the number of visitors from various countries in Australia in the year 2017 it was found out that while there are about 4 million people who are on holiday only about 600,000 are coming backpackers. Close to a million visitors are here for business. Mainly these business travelers and holidaymakers are the somewhat fussy type. They will be looking in to not only the cost when choosing accommodation. Hence not only the star-class providers but also the small timers must take care to have properly maintained premises with attractive bathroom and room . Most travelers these days book accommodation via various online sites. They have several indicators which can show your hotel as a “highly sorted” or “poor”.

Current trends in travel

The statistics goes on to show that visitors from many other countries have spent a record amount of 42.5 billion dollars in Australia in the last year alone. The total arrivals to Australia have gone up in 6a%; the amount they spent has grown up in 5%. Visitors arrive from Canada, USA, France, Italy, New Zealand, Germany and UK. Asian countries are represented by Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and India. The largest arrival is shown to be from China and the second place goes to UK and USA together. This shows that people who choose Australia to be their destination are used to a bit of luxury then backpackers or hostel-dwellers.

Providing a quality experience

Similar to many other industries travel and tourism also is developed via word of mouth than advertising or promotions. If the visitors had an unforgettable experience they will definitely mention it in the many travel websites, booking sites and social media. This promotion honest to core, is only received if the people are delighted with your service. It has been found out that more and more millennials like to travel. Elderly people are now choosing travelling rather than investing or saving as well. These people will choose Australia as a destination if you provide a quality experience to them. When you are considering renovation costs do not hesitate to spend the best you can because it is going to be a golden opportunity for investment rather than an actual cost. It is important to “milk the cows” when and where possible without harming the nature or environment to improve a country’s economy. Improving tourism is a perfect way to go about this in a country such as Australia.