Planning a party is always an incredibly exciting affair! From décor to refreshment, everything has to be arranged well in advance to give all your guests a remarkable experience. Making sure your house is ready for the event is also very important and this article gives tips that will help you to do that.

Clean it thoroughly

Needless to say, the house has to be properly cleaned days before the event in order to ensure it is spotless and beautiful. Clean all the rooms, because you never know what inquisitive invitees might want to see! Dust all the curtains and sweep the floors. Give it a good mopping too. Wipe down all the surfaces well and ensure your kitchen area is also squeaky clean. Do clean the guest bathroom as well and make it fragrant by placing air fresheners or using essential oil. Replace the hand towels in the bathroom before the event too.

Repair damages

Now is the perfect time to repair that timber floorboard repair! If it is a major event, you can certainly spend a lot and attend to big repairs well before the event. Paint the house to make it look brand new and move the broken furniture away from where the party will be held. If there are damages in the guest bathroom too, try to attend to those as soon as you possibly can.

Arrange your furniture well

Keep your furniture arranged in a manner that will make it easy for you to host your guest. Get creative and use bulky furniture to cover squeaking carpeted floors if you run out of time to repair those! If the guests would want to dance, make sure you have an area cleared for the purpose. You may have to hire extra chairs if you are planning to invite a large party. Make sure there is space in your house to place all those extra chairs.

Prepare your garden

Even if you are not having a garden party, prepping the garden before the event is a nice thing to do. Remove all the weeds from your flower pots. Get a few extra pots of large plants to beautify the spaces dramatically too. You can also light up the garden using fairy lights and garden lamps. Hanging beautiful lanterns to add a touch of glamour to the scene is also a great idea! You can use battery operated string lights when decorating the garden. These lights can be bought at very nominal prices on the internet.
Have a truly enchanting event!