floor tiles gisborne

Floor tiles in christchurch have a countless variety in terms of shapes, colours as well as materials and textures and where some of these tiles are designed to be installed in some particular spaces, there are some floor tiles which can be installed in almost every space. Therefore, when choosing the floor tiles for your space it is important you know which of these floor tiles are best for the area and there are some considerations that will help you in your search.

Hardness of the floor tiles:

The hardness of the floor tiles refers to its ability to bear the traffic every day and to resist the scratches as much as possible. Fortunately, for each material and kind of the floor tiles, this scale and rating is already presented by. There are five classes defined for the hardness of the tiles ranging from class one being no traffic and such floor tiles are used for the walls and then it goes up from light to moderate to heavy and then finally class five being the extra heavy which are usually installed in the commercial buildings, you can check these classes of floor tiles according to the traffic requirement of your floor.

Porosity of floor tiles:

The porosity of any kind of the tile is the measurement of the air holes in it which are a factor in determining the water absorption of the tiles and this is important factor when you are installing the floor tiles either in the kitchen or bathroom or such area in which the moisture is greater. There are also classifications defined for this ranging from the impervious being less than 0.5 percent absorption to vitreous with 0.5 to 3, to semi vitreous being 3 to 7 and then finally to non-vitreous which are above 7 percent and these are the kind of the floor tiles best suited for the floor of the bathrooms and kitchens.

Porcelain tiles, best floor tiles:

Porcelain floor tiles are one the most popular because of its resistance to moisture, the ability to withstand heavy traffic, variety in number of colours and textures and styles. Although there is a range of quality in the porcelain as well but you should choose the one which has the specification as you require.

Alternative to floor tiles:

If you do not want to install the floor tiles, then the carpet flooring is also one of the best option. There are number of carpet suppliers in the market providing a range of beautiful carpet flooring to match every space ranging from house to office. Make sure you look for the registered carpet suppliers and the carpet suppliers who are known in the market for their quality services and the products. Not only this but a good carpet suppliers company will provide you highly trained professional for a smooth and neat installation of carpets as well to enhance the aesthetic of the space.For more information please visit our website  www.modoflooring.co.