There are five crucial factors an individual must consider before buying a fixed asset. Be clear that these aren’t the only ones to be considered, there could be various other minor factors to be taken into account. If you are on the lookout for tips to purchase a property, keeping reading this article.


The most important question that has to be answered before any is the question of affordability. The individual buying the property should be able to afford the fixed asset and be able to take on the maintenance cost. When it comes to acquisition of an asset, it is not only limited to the listed price, but it also includes other expenses such as insurance, property tax, and other costs that may occur during the purchase.


Location matters a great deal. It affects your lifestyle, expectations and travel. Your house should be located in a place which is close to your school, college, or work and somewhere where your daily needs can be met such as: supermarkets, grocery store, bus/train station, etc. And most of all somewhere you feel safe.


Most individuals don’t take into account about the neighborhood. But, if you evaluate the location and affordability and neglect the neighborhood, this can have an impact on your daily lifestyle. Let’s say that you move into an expensive neighborhood, the lifestyle inflation could dig a hole in your wallet. Therefore, the affordability of surviving in that neighborhood on a daily basis should also be prioritized.


You should compare the amount of rooms you require and the number of rooms that are available in the house. As a buyer, you need to check if it meets your requirement and the level of your satisfaction. For example, the room size is adequate to occupy your furniture, does it include an attached bathroom, whether it’s ventilated or not, the condition of the room and if it requires rendering or re-coloring, etc. Link here provide a high quality of rendering service that will suit your requirements.

Type of property

The type of house refers to the architectural design, and the condition of the house. The individual should consider the time the house was built, whether it was recently constructed or does it require renovation. If it is an old house, the buyer needs to check if the stairs need to be replaced, house rendering is in good condition and efficiency of the water pipes. The inner space of the house is an important decision when making a purchase decision depending on the number of occupants.

The purchase price of the property might remain unchanged but however a few additional costs such as replacements and repairs that requires to be done has to be added to the total cost and match with the affordability.