There are many trends in the interior design world, and they keep changing ever so often. However one decorative element that stands the test of time is the ascents that you add with timeless character. 

With many designer rugs online available at your fingertips, you might sometimes feel spoiled for choice. However many designers or even housewives will love to longer simply looking at them or even window shopping, here are some tips to move things along in getting your own timeless carpeting in order. 

What to consider timeless?

Timeless is not a trend, it should probably outlast you. Experts agree that classic designs, textures and patterns are always in style. Persian, or Moroccan designs are considers classic. Simple patterns and colours also fall in to this category as they will be able to fit in with the changes other décor items go through as well.

Quality of the material used also adds to the timeless factor. This is because anything that is made to good quality will look good for longer. Similarly great persian rugs online made to good standards with natural wool will stay fashionable always. On the other hand synthetics such as acrylics will definitely show wear and tear and will need replacing.Colours also play a big role when it comes to standing the test of time. It is said that neutral colours are the way to go, with gray, black, white or even cream. Even the traditional Persian rugs are timeless when they come in a mix or one of these colours.

How to decorate?

So if you are hoping to go for a timeless look, here are a few things to consider when decorating.

Material: how the floor covering is made is very important. Where you are planning to put them is also a factor to consider. Some highly used areas in the house such as the kitchen and even the bathroom will require carpeting made with strong and durable material. Wool seems to be the most widely used when all these are considered.

Patterns and designs are important when it comes to picking one that is timeless. It is no wonder that some of the vintage carpets such as Persian or Moroccan are coveted for their quality as well as intricate designs. It pays to understand a bit about the histories of carpeting too. Regions that have long histories of rug making tend to produce some of the best in the market still to date. Persian rugs are very beautiful and are mostly hand woven, while the Moroccan designs are more geometric in nature with neutral colours.

Therefore in creating a truly classic and timeless look opt for one or two carpets from one of these styles to match with differently textured sofas or other furniture. The trick is to mix and match colours and textures in creating that totally unique look.